Use the discreetVoiceMemos Tweak to Secretly Record iPhone Audios

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017)

Despite the iOS version you are using, tweaks always come in handy on jailbroken devices. In this case, the discreetVoiceMemos tweak presents a much needed solution if you want to remain discreet while recording voice or any other audio on an iPhone. Thanks to what this tweak offers, you will avoid the quirky stock audio recorder.

Regarding the quality of the audio that the Voice Memos app records, it is clear it does a decent job. However, it has a number of caveats that you would want to avoid in some situations. For instance, the app will always show a red bar in the Status after you start recording and hit the exit button.

Further, the Voice Memos app will notify someone that it is recording in the background even on the lock screen. The waveform that it displays on the screen while your iPhone is locked will be enough to notify somebody that audio recording is in progress.discreetvoicememos tweak

Why install the discreetVoiceMemos Tweak

The highlighted caveats should worry you less. You only need to install the discreetVoiceMemos tweak and you will be good to go. After the installation, the tweak will save you from shortfalls that come with the Voice Memos app. That is, it will disable the prompts that audio recording is in progress in the background. In turn, you will manage to record someone without their knowledge.

To download discreetVoiceMemos tweak head over to Cydia. Since the tweak is free, you will spend no money in buying it to enjoy what it offers. While it is running, audio recording in the background will remain discreet even after locking the screen of the iPhone. In so doing, you will notice no waveform that would have appeared otherwise.

The other pro for this tweak is that it runs on iOS 8, 9, and 10. Try using the tweak and share your experience below.

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