Meteor Jailbreak Tweak for Up-To-Date Weather Notifications On Your IOS Device

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2016)

When was the last time your device accurately showed your current temperature and weather conditions in your Home Screen Weather app icon? Probably you still scratching your head until now trying to recall when that was. Worry not, Meteor jailbreak tweak has you covered. The basic requirement for this to work is that your iPhone or iPad device ought to be jailbroken.


Once you’ve met the above requirement, you can download and install this tweak. The installation process is a simple and easy to follow. As soon as you’ve installed this tweak, you are able to customize the settings of your App. To start us off, head over to the stock Setting app to locate the Meteor’s preference panel. In here you’ll find a kill switch among other different customization options that allows you change the look of your Meteor tweak on the weather app icon and in the status bar.

Features of the Meteor Jailbreak Tweak

Despite the fact that changing the tweaks settings may require a respring it is actually possible to change the tweaks outlook by merely rearranging the order of the weather app’s cards. The position in which a card is placed will be the ultimate position used to display the Meteor’s important information.

This tweak might be similar to other tweaks like LiveWeatherlcon and Weatherlcon but in reality it is much different and has a lot of unique features on board. One of the most notable features is that the tweak is able to provide users with correct, up to date and good looking weather information on your current location. Impressing? Yes. For only $1.99 get this jailbreak tweak on your phone from the Cydia app store and join the numerous number of people currently enjoying the services.


Meteor jailbreak tweak is particularly useful to those who would love travelling or would just want to keep up to date with the weather forecast. It provides more information than normal weather apps and displays it conveniently on an intuitive interface. Meteor can be downloaded on the Cydia BigBoss repo for $1.99.

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